ALT ENTERPRISES has been carrying out research and development on LED lighting technology for heavy-duty truck, automobiles, interior and exterior warning signal lighting, other high intensity area lighting worklight and off-road vehicle driving light . We specialize in providing custom and standard optoelectronic products for customer worldwide.
ALT ENTERPRISES provides greater visibility, better performance and design, lower amperage draw and higher efficiency. All lights are tested for 100 hours prior to assembly and are required to pass a photometric check point before leaving the manufacturing facility. We strive to assure the quality of our product 100% against any manufacture defects. In addition,.we also provide a limited lifetime warranty for vehicle signal light and three year limited warranty for all other LED work lights & emergency warning lights.
Heavy-Duty Truck Signal Light
4" Round Red STT / Amber Turn Signal Light
6" Oval Red STT / Amber Turn Signal Light
"Clean Lens" Series
3X5 STT Light
Back Up Light
Elite Series Red STT / Amber Turn Signal Light
LED License Plate Light
Visual Splendor Marker & High Mount LED Stop Light
LED Marker Light
Multi Purpose LED Worklight
NEW Rechargeable LED worklight
MINI size worklight
4 inch square worklight
4 inch round worklight
Oval worklight
Agriculture Vehicle Replace Headlight
High Power Output Round Worklight
High Power Output Square Worklight
Rectengular Worklight
Curve Shape LED light Bar
Double Beam LED light Bar
Low Profile LED light Bar
LED Worklight Accessries
Emergency Warning Light
DOT & Work Truck Standard Size Warning Light
School Bus Warning Light
Emergency Mini Bar
5.8" Oval Worklight
5.5" Round Worklight
PROSTAR™ HD Signal Light
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Emergency Bullet Bar
Emergency Slim Warning Light
5” Oval Trailer Interior Light
6" Oval Sur-face mouting STT light
Dual color Warning Light
21 Inch LED Light Bar
6" Oval Slim Warning Light